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The Cutest Custom Cupcakes - Delivered!

Thank you for visiting us at Dublin Cupcakes. We provide our customers with their favourite cupcakes - customised.

Sizes & Prices

Large cupcakes - 2.50 euro each (fully custom decorated)

Medium fairy cupcakes - 2.00 euro each (fully custom decorated, with custom sponge and case)

Small fairy cupcakes - 1.50 euro each (custom decorated on top but with vanilla or a mix of vanilla and chocolate sponge and a white case)

Minimum order is a three dozen (36) large cupcakes or four dozen (48) medium or small fairy cakes. Minimum order per flavour and size is one dozen cupcakes. Delivery is free within Dublin per three dozen large or four dozen medium or small cupcake order.

So many cupcakes...so little time!

Choosing cupcakes can be difficult when the options seem endless. If the choice isn't obvious to you, we recommend you first think of how you want your cupcakes to look. Do you want to include a message such as "Happy Birthday" or "Thank You"? If it's for a wedding, is there a colour theme you want to include? Don't forget you can include colours via cupcake cases, sprinkles and designs too.

Once you've decided how you might like your cupcakes to look, you should have a better idea as to what will be going on top of your cupcakes. From there, it becomes easier to decide on the sponge base. Here are a list of toppings and sponge bases you might want to try mixing and matching (though for small cakes, you may find that simple works better):

Toppings Sponge Bases
Buttercream (flat or in a swirl) Vanilla
Royal Icing (for a smoother white finish) Chocolate
Brown chocolate Chocolate brownie
White chocolate Chocolate orange
Chocolate frosting Chocolate chip
Chocolate Ganache Raisin/Sultana
Cream (good for gifts but not for weddings as much due to cupcakes sitting out for longer) Coffee
Peanut butter Orange
Glace icing Lemon
Decorations Rum and raisin
Sprinkles Mint chocolate
Sweets such as smarties, dolly mixtures, liquorice all sorts, maltesers, munchies, marshmallows, mint chocolate etc. Blueberry
Fondant/Sugar paste decorations (for flowers, stars, hearts etc.) White chocolate chip
Coconut Kahlua (for something a bit more alcoholic)
Berries/Cherries Choc chip and kahlua
Nuts such as Peanuts (particularly on top of a peanut butter topping) White choc chip and kahlua


To place your custom order, contact me at cupcakes [AT] dublincupcakes [DOT] com or on 087-9629293. Outside Ireland, this number becomes 00353879629293.

Our cupcakes may contain eggs, gluten, dairy, sugar and nuts and are therefore unsuitalble for those with such allergies or intolerances.

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