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10 Tier Cupcake Stand

100 euro:

10 tier cake stand

We are no longer providing cake stands for hire but can instead offer ten tier stands for sale at 100 euro.

These stands can be divided up into smaller sizes (2, 3, 4 tier etc. all the way up to 10 tier). The tiers are 5mm thick acrylic. Flat packed for easy transport and storage.

Great for all occasions - weddings, birthdays, christenings etc. Re-use again and again.

Stand Measurements:

Base tier is 350mm or 14 inches

Second tier is 325mm or 13 inches

Third tier is 300mm or 12 inches

Fourth tier is 275mm or 11 inches

Fifth tier is 250mm or 10 inches

Sixth tier is 225mm or 9 inches

Seventh tier is 200mm or 8 inches

Eighth tier is 175mm or 7 inches

Nineth tier is 150mm or 6 inches

Tenth tier is 125mm or 5 inches.

Distance between tiers is 100MM or 4 inches..

Total height assembled is 950mm or 38 inches.

10 tier cupcake stands in Dublin city centre (round or square). 100 euro.

Phone / text 087-9629293 or email to book your stand.

Examples of Use with Tiers from Stand:

120 cupcakes

8 tier stand

100 cupcakes:

7 tier cake stand

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