Celebration Cupcakes
by Dublin Cupcakes

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chocolate orange cupcakes

Large cupcakes - 2.50 each

Fairy cake size cupcakes - 2.00 each

Fairy cake size cupcakes, plain case and sponge but still fully custom decorated on top - 1.50 each


Birthday Cupcakes...

Childrens Cupcakes...

Anniversary Cupcakes...

Christening Cupcakes...

House-Warming Cupcakes...

Hen/Stag Party Cupcakes...

The list is endless...

But if you are looking for something different for your party or just want to make sure everyone gets a piece of cake, home-made customised cupcakes like ours are a perfect, wonderful and unexpected turn up at parties. They're a fanatastic talking point and they're also clean and easy to take away, eat and enjoy!

So whether you're looking for something special for yourself or a loved one, speak to us about what colours, flavours and/or themes speak to you and we'll take care of the rest!


Christening Cupcakes for a Boy:

christening cupcakes christening cupcakes for a boy blue christening cupcakes


Hen Night Cupcakes:

hen night cupcakes

hen L plate cupcakes





Custom Decorated

Cupcake Cake

- the perfect compliment to your cupcakes:

cupcake cake dublin cupcakes

This cake is approximately 7 inches high and wide and is surprisingly heavy, well for a cake this size!

Price: 50 euro including delivery within the Dublin.



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