Wedding Cupcakes

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black and white wedding cupcakes

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Wedding Cupcakes are a great way to provide your guests with something different on your special day. Here are a number of options as to how you can achieve the "'wow" factor:

1. Wedding Cupcake Stand

One cupcake stand - up to 8 tier stands avialable! All your cupcakes in one place for maximum effect. See our cupcake stand hire page for more details.

2. Wedding Cupcakes to complement the Wedding Cake

Cupcakes can be made to match or complement your main wedding cake and displayed close-by.

3. Wedding Cupcake Stand for each Table

To have a cupcake stand for each table works as a great conversation piece. Alternatively you can have one cupcake for each guest awaiting their arrival at their seating place.

4. Wedding Cupcakes for Takeaway

Individually wrapped and ready for take-away. Perhaps you already have a goodie bag at the ready and want to give it a personal touch.

Wedding goodie bags are normally given to guests upon arrival. They can include maps (particulary for out of town guests), alka-setzers or anadin (for hangovers and headaches), disposable cameras, wedding schedule, important phone numbers, drinks, snacks etc.

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